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At Mariposa Townhomes, it’s our job to give you a place you can truly call home. Located in the beautiful Topeka, KS. Our delightful community combines gorgeous apartments, great location, and exceptional on-site management to create an amazing rental experience.

Whether you are seeking casual living or a place to rest your legs at the end of a long day, this place is for you. We have beautifully landscaped grounds, well-maintained apartments, and have much to offer our residents.





1. The Evel Knievel Museum

Robert “Evel” Knievel is one of the most famous motorcycle stuntmen in the country. His jumps could be called deaf defying by some and simply crazy by others, no matter who you ask, he has jumped over some of the most iconic places we know of such as the fountains at Caesars Palace back in 1967.

People from as young as 5 to as old as 85 have been amazed and glued to their tv to watch this man attempted jumps from all over with no safety nets to protect him. This becomes a show all in itself, a weekend-long event to bring the family to and watch if he will be able to make it without crashing.

This museum shows the history of Evel Knievel, all of his jumps, and even some of his bikes he used.

2047 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka, KS 66612



2. PT's Coffee Roasting Company

Coffee fans, come one come all, walk in and smell the aroma throughout the air, this is one of the largest coffee bean roasting companies around.  Beans from all over the world make their way here to get roasted and have the flavors extracted to just the right amount of richness.

PT’s has won tons of awards over the years for the customs procedures they take when roasting the beans.  PT’s has recently been popping up in restaurants, cafes, and some grocery stores throughout America. Come on down and sample a few different cups of coffee and find some to take home.

929 SW University Blvd suite 2704-d2
Topeka, KS 66619



3. Brown vs Board of Education National Historic Site

Brown V Board was built in 1992 by Congress to commemorate the historic Supreme Court ruling that was the start of ending racial segregation in the public school system. One Elementary School named Monroe was one of the schools that segregated African American children.

When you tour this historic site, you will learn about the history of racism in America and how it has changed over time.

1515 SE Monroe St
Topeka, KS 66612



4. Combat Air Museum

The Combat Air Museum located off SE Forbes Ave in Topeka opened its doors back in 1976 and is an aviation warehouse, basically the history of aviation in two different hangars, the museum is located at the Regional Airport in Topeka that once belonged to the Forbes Air Force.

The museum’s founding mission is solely based on the displaying, preserving, and collecting of old aircraft and artifacts related to aviation history.
With well over 30 different aircrafts found in this museum from military-style planes that date back to WWI and WWII, and fighter jets, military vehicles, helicopters, starting in the 1950s, and going to the 1980s you are sure to find everything related to aviation under this location.


7016 SE Forbes Avenue
Topeka, Kansas
Phone: 785-862-3303



5. Topeka Zoological Park

The Zoological Park is located on the north side Toledo, the zoo features attractions such as the Black Bear Woods, Discovering Apes, Jungle Cats, Kansas Carnivores. The first indoor tropical rainforest in the U.S.

The Topeka Zoo first opened its doors way back in 1933, interestingly though, the first structure was not built until years later. Soon after many more structures started to quickly pop up within the zoo. The zoo has gone under renovation back in 2003 to expand and make the zoo more modern and up to date also adding several new exhibits.


635 SW Gage Boulevard
Topeka, Kansas
Phone: 785-368-9180



Top 5 Amazing Places To Eat In Toledo


Blind Tiger Brewery and Restaurant

Restaurant, Brewery, $$

This Brewery better known as the Blind Tiger offers a full menu with every type of bar food you can imagine, Do you love hamburgers, wings, pizza?  Just about any type of food you want they have. Of course, you will want some amazing beers to help get all that food down and they have a large variety for you to choose from when it comes to craft beers.

There is a full dining room, and lounge with a large fireplace for those cold snowy nights to sit around with your friends and enjoy some brews. The Blind Tiger has won over 20 national awards for their Brewmeister and with over 15 barrels creating beer, you can be sure you are getting the freshest brews around.  Make sure you take a picture of the towers as they are amazing to see.

417 SW 37th St
Topeka, KS 66611
(785) 267-2739


Iron Rail Brewing

Restaurant, Bar, $$$

The Iron Rail Brewery is another type of brewery that offers a full menu of all types of food and beer created within their brewery. Do you like street tacos, hamburgers, or fried pickles then this is the place for you.   The restaurant also crafts its own beer as well if you want to try something new. Their brewery is located on-premises so head on over to this railroad-themed style restaurant that offers all types of amazing craft beers and food such as Street Tacos and Fried Pickles if you love beer then you will also love the selection they have here.  

 705 South Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66603
(785) 215-8123

Bobo's Drive-In

Restaurant, Brewery, American, $$

This classic drive-in joint first started back in 1948 had been feeding locals for over 70 years. From handmade onion rings, bobo cheeseburger and chocolate male’s are the fan favorites here.

The menu is a spin on the 1940’s design helping to give this place an old look and feel that is part of what is making Bobo so successful. The prices here are very cheap and this is a great place to take your family for some good food if you are trying to watch your pocketbook.


2300 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66604
(785) 234-4511


The Burger Stand at College Hill

Restaurant, Diner, American, $$

Do you want a more standard menu but within an upper-class style?, hip style restaurant then you want to try the Burger Stand. This rustic-style building that has custom wood tables is a great place for the locals to hang out with their family and friends. They also offer private catering for and of your company events as well as holiday events.

The beers offered here range from Sun Reaper to Petite Sour Peach and anything else in between you can think of. They also offer two different styles of a menu’s from the Casbah menu to the College hill menu.

1601 SW Lane St
Topeka, KS 66604
(785) 783-8900


Bradley's Corner Cafe

Restaurant, Cafe, American, $$

This upper-class, hippish style restaurant has a very nice look and feel creates a place you will want to call your local hangout. From the time you walk in here, you will feel your with family, the staff is amazingly friendly and helpful, the fellow guest will give you the feel you can just pull up to anyone and start chatting, it just has that homey feeling that will draw you in.

The beers offered here range from Sun Reaper to Petite Sour Peach and anything else in between you can think of. They also offer two different styles of a menu’s from the Casbah menu to the College hill menu.

844 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66608
(785) 235-0086


Schools in Topeka, KS

Topeka Public Schools
624 SW 24th ST
Topeka, KS 66611
(785) 395-3000